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The Wolves of Avalon | Y Gododdin | Album Preview

We are proud to announce the release our fourth album of atmospheric pagan metal 'Y Gododdin' joined by guests Venom Inc., Taake and Drudkh on a limited run of 500 black & white splatter vinyls.

Advancing our journey through British history, we ride with the northern Gododdin to depict the battle of Catraeth, one of the last conflicts of resistance against the Germanic settlers who massacred the Celtic peoples of what was to become England.

On our latest LP we once again have enlisted allies to join us on our journey including: Tony Dolan (Venom Inc), Hoest (Taake), Wulfstan (Forefather) Nico Millar (Aklash) and Ukranian black metal legend Thurios of Drudkh to battle through five brand new tracks by songsmith James J.M Marinos.

Also lifted from the album will arrive our first video single 'The shining company (feat. Thurios, Drudkh)' retelling the besieged realms of The Old North. 'The shining company' is also available to stream now on the Godreah Bandcamp during the pre order.

The 'Y Gododdin' vinyl and accompanying digital version will be released November 25th 2022 exclusively through the Godreah Records Bandcamp website here.


1. Through the murdering night (feat. Tony 'Demolition' Dolan, Venom Inc.)

2. Men of Gododdin (feat. Hoest, Taake)

3. The shining company (feat. Thurios, Drudkh)

4. Dead men’s cloaks (feat. Wulfstan, Forefather)

5. Is this how it's meant to be?


Metatron: Vocals & lyrics

James J.M Marinos: Guitar, bass, keyboards & clean vocals

Steve Clark: Drums

Nico Millar: Violin

Steve Wallace: Solo & acoustic guitar | Track 5

Mike Lewin: Lead & solos | Tracks 2, 4

Tony 'Demolition' Dolan: Vocals | Track 1

Hoest: Vocals | Track 2

Wulfstan: Vocals | Track 4

Thurios: Vocals | Track 3

V: Vocal & screams from Fernworthy Stone Circle | Track 2

Kurt Miller: Cover art

Jack Cowley: Layout & design

Written, produced and recorded by James J.M Marinos | SkilledSounds.

Recorded 2020 - 2021

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