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The Shining Company | Music Video | Y Gododdin

We are proud to share that we have released a music video for our track The Shining Company, lifted from our new album 'Y Gododdin'.

The track also includes guest vocals from Thurios of Drudkh in addition to violin from Nico Millar of UK Black Metal band Aklash.

Watch the video below via YouTube or listen on our Spotify where we invite you to listen stream and of course follow and support our music.

Y Gododdin is available now via Godreah Records on a limited release of 500 12" black and white splatter vinyl - Visit the online shop here.


Metatron: Vocals & lyrics

James J.M Marinos: Vocals, guitar, bass, keyboards

Thurios (Drudkh): Vocals

Steve Clark: Drums

Nico Millar: Violin

Written, produced and recorded by James J.M Marinos | SkilledSounds | Recorded 2020 - 2021 - Video produced and edited by James J.M Marinos | SkilledSounds | Recorded September - December 2022.


Riding through the night, the shining company

Riding ‘Neath the sky, battle hound behind

Come the gathering, drinking horns of mead

The feast of brotherhood, northern high kings

Desolate days, shame and sorrow

Grave sods crumble, for the morrow

A winter wind, foredoomed we ride

Under the dragon, standard high

Into woodland winds, to realms of silent death

Baleful chaos rise, amid enkindled rage

Pallid hue of death, a mirthful end awaits

We go to our end below, the eternal abyss untrod

Shrilling arrows descend

Bestow the mangled dead

War gods guide our souls

Foredoomed we ride ahead

Life is made for sorrow

Leading to the tomb

In wretched war we wallow

To fade into the gloom

Under whispering stars

The shining company

Crimson torrents will flow

Through blood

Ravens soaring above

The shining company

Lightning swift our steeds

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