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The Wolves of Avalon | Men of Gododdin | Y Gododdin

Lifted from our new album is the single 'Men of Gododdin' featuring Hoest from Taake, which can be streamed on Spotify and added to your library here.

The accompanying lyric video is also available to watch now on YouTube, and embedded below with accompanying lyrics and credits.

'Men of Gododdin' is lifted from our new album 'Y Gododdin' which is out now on Vinyl and as a digital download through Godreah Records here.


Metatron: Vocals & lyrics

Hoest, Taake: Vocals

V: Vocal & screams from Fernworthy Stone Circle

James J.M Marinos: Guitars, bass, keyboards & clean vocals

Steve Clark: Drums

Nico Millar Aklash: Violin

Mike Lewin: Guitar Solo


300 riders, men of Gododdin

Riding into legend, squadrons galloping

Apocalyptic steeds, trampling slain

Over grass and clover, hail and rain

Tatterdemalion, savage hordes

Saxon invaders, Rhineland whores

Wolves of Albion, joyous dead

Men of Gododdin, slaughters din

With murdering hands, come the war bands

Spilling guts, raping our lands

Cold blazing flesh, open silent eyes

Mute desolation, rising arrows falling

Faces deformed with masks of horror, shimmering in

A dusky malign, effigies of the dreamless dead

Drown in oblivion

Shit most foul, vomiting piss

Fucking hell, battle dazed

In rivers of clay, swift to be slain

Swifter to slay, freezing carnage

In mires drowning, blind ghosts of kings

Soulless abounding, meat for crows

Glutted yellow claws

Ripping open flesh, gaping maw


Lay on scattered bones

To be living ghosts


In the death-like air

Men of Gododdin

Beyond these leafless woods stand the men of

Carrion gods, bound to the whim of murder

Darkly depths, rueful wastes

Thronging pyres, aspiring blaze

Belching gore, baleful stench

Spouting filth, cleaving necks

Hammering rage, hacking heads

Mangled limbs, midst the dead

Trampled horns, shivering ice

Blood smeared, ashy pale


Lay on scattered bones

To be living ghosts


In the death-like air

Men of Gododdin

Dreams are forever just echoes from the grave

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