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The Wolves of Avalon | Spotify | Music Back Catalogue

Ahead of releasing our record 'Y Gododdin' this November, we have decided to make our back catalogue available on Spotify.

There has been much deliberation over making this choice internally, however the pendulum has now swung in favour of contemporary music access.

We strongly believe however that the only way to maintain and support the underground, and music at large, is to purchase it from the band for it to survive.

It is for this reason also that we will not be releasing our forthcoming album 'Y Gododdin' on the platform. The album will remain strictly accessible on physical Vinyl format only exclusively through Godreah Records.

Additionally our cover tracks will not be available to stream on the platform, which include:

  • Essence (Enslaved cover)

  • Through Blood By Thunder (Bathory cover)

  • The Voice of Steel (Nokturnal Mortum cover)

  • Die Hard (Venom cover)

To listen to our music on the platform please follow follow the link below to access our music for your listening library on Spotify.

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