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The Wolves of Avalon | Imperative PR | Y Gododdin

We are pleased to announce that ahead of releasing our 4th album 'Y Gododdin' on November the 25th we are working with Imperative PR.

Imperative PR are a UK based Music and PR management specialist with an exceptional array of Death, Doom, Extreme and Black Metal bands on their roster, with whom we have had years of parity. It is for this reason it made IPR the ideal partner with to align our path ahead.

They cover a range of specialist services including: Band PR Campaigns | Management & Consultation | Label Search + Promotional Campaigns for bands, albums and their releases which you can find here.

For pre-release information on our album Y Gododdin, audio, interviews, reviews, press or anything PR related, please make contact with them at

The Wolves of Avalon | Imperative PR

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